Behind our award-winning care is a multi-disciplinary team with years of experience in rehabilitation medicine. Get to know the different specialties our patients interact with every day.

Rehabilitation physicians

At Bryn Mawr Rehab Hospital, a rehabilitation doctor with specialized training leads every team. These doctors become intimately aware of patients’ conditions, medical status and progress in rehab. They work collaboratively with the rest of the care team to deliver the best, most comprehensive care possible.

Internal medicine physicians

Our internal medicine doctors keep patients medically stable, ensuring they can participate fully in therapy. In close partnership with patients’ main rehab physicians, internal medicine doctors make sure rehabilitation is as medically safe and productive as possible.


Our therapists—including physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists and horticultural therapists—play a vital role in every patient’s recovery. Through intensive one-on-one sessions, these therapists help patients make progress every day, building skills that are critical to daily life: increased range of motion, balance, communication, functional skills and more.


Our staff includes more Certified Rehabilitation Registered Nurses (CRRN) than any facility in the region. Our nurses provide care and monitoring 24/7 to inpatients. With expert clinical skills and an in-depth knowledge of their patients’ needs, nurses create a comfortable environment for recovery and assist patients and their families with the transition to home care.


Our psychologists handle the diagnosis and treatment of the emotional, social and mental effects that come with many injuries and conditions. They work closely with the rest of the care team to ensure every patient’s safety, security and progress.


Our registered dietitians assess each patient’s nutritional and medical needs and develop dietary plans that support and evolve with the rest of their treatment. From special foods that ease swallowing to dietary modifications, our team of dietitians provide for the nutritional needs of all our patients.

Care managers

For patients and families, care managers serve as a helpful guide through their rehab journey. Our care managers coordinate care and communicate treatment plans, progress with goals and discharge, outpatient or home care arrangements.