Sports Medicine Rehab

What is sports medicine rehab?

Injuries affect athletes of every age and ability, so our sports injury rehab team at Bryn Mawr Rehab tailors treatment to every patient, from sports physical therapy for the weekend warrior to rehabilitation for the pro athlete — all with the goal of healing complex sports injuries and limiting the likelihood of re-injury.

At Bryn Mawr Rehab outpatient locations throughout the western suburbs of Philadelphia, your sports injury rehab team includes rehabilitation doctors, physical therapists, board certified sports medicine specialists, and strength and conditioning specialists. who look at the whole body — not just to stop your pain, but to address the underlying source of injury.

Applying medical expertise at the source of sports injury

As part of our specialized treatment for each athlete, sports injury rehab includes use of therapies and training exercises that not only mimic the demands of your sport but also address the unique conditions of the specific position you play within your sport. Sports therapy exercises may include:

  • High-level balance exercises
  • Plyometric training
  • High-intensity interval training, power, agility, flexibility and speed activities

We treat patients of every skill level — from youth baseball players to amateur golfers to professional football players — and see every type of sports injury. For every patient, our goal is help you make a full recovery and prevent future instances of injury. We're also able to offer our medical expertise to amateur as well as competitive athletes looking for injury prevention and performance tips and training.

Sports injury rehab is an outpatient program with flexible hours to accommodate athletes with busy schedules.

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