Bryn Mawr Rehab Neuropsychology

Examining brain and behavior related to diseases and conditions

Neuropsychologists evaluate the connection between human behavior and brain function, particularly as it relates to disease or injury. Getting a neuropsychological evaluation can be quite useful in helping your doctors distinguish psychiatric from neurologic problems, as underlying reasons for problems you may be having with memory, attention, or some aspects of problem solving.

A neuropsychological evaluation is commonly performed following any kind of neurologically-based change in function, such as from:

Neuropsychological evaluations are also helpful in identifying learning disabilities or attention deficit disorders in people who are otherwise healthy.

At Main Line Health we offer neuropsychological evaluation and outpatient individual psychology at Bryn Mawr Rehab Hospital in Malvern, PA where you can meet one-on-one for an in-depth interview and testing with a licensed psychologist who has a specialty in neuropsychology. Your neuropsychologist will evaluate and interpret your test scores and prepare an extensive report which can then be used to guide treatment and rehabilitation for your particular condition. In addition, they will meet with you and family as appropriate to discuss the test results. You may choose to work with one of our licensed clinical psychologists for ongoing adjustment on your road to recovery.

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