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A diagnosis can leave you feeling vulnerable and scared — but we’re here to make sure you don’t feel alone throughout your treatment and survivorship.
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About cancer care at Main Line Health

At Main Line Health, we see you. We provide the best options to save your life and live your life, because cancer treatment should be tough on tumors, not on patients. Our specialists provide expert and compassionate care for cancer prevention, diagnosis, treatment and survivorship. We treat a wide range of cancers and customize a treatment plan for every patient. We help you fight cancer and are with you every step of the way. We offer more than cancer care — we offer human care.

Comprehensive services from prevention to treatment close to home.

  • Cancer surgery — Using minimally invasive and robotic surgery techniques, our physicians carefully remove cancer from areas throughout your body.
  • Chemotherapy — Chemotherapy uses medicine to kill cancer cells. The latest medicines now have fewer side effects than in years past.
  • Radiation therapy — We use the latest, most precise radiation therapy procedures to target cancer cells without damaging healthy cells.
  • Immunotherapy — Immunotherapy uses the body's own immune system to recognize, fight and eliminate cancer cells without affecting healthy cells.
  • Targeted therapies — Targeted therapies use certain types of drugs that can identify and attack genes and proteins that help cancer cells survive while sparing healthy cells.
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Nurse navigators

A nurse navigator is a registered nurse who acts as a liaison between you and your health care providers. Learn how Main Line Health’s nurse navigators guide cancer patients throughout their care journey and beyond.

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Genetics and Risk Assessment Program

Knowing if you have a high chance of developing cancer due to your genetic makeup may help to determine a personalized plan for prevention, early detection or treatment for you and your family members.

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Research and clinical trials

Main Line Health participates in cancer research studies, giving you access to the latest treatments through clinical trials.

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Survivorship program

With advances in medicine, millions of people are surviving and thriving with cancer. For that reason, we established The Survivorship Program — a program designed to help patients transition to life before, during and after cancer treatment, by alleviating some of their common concerns.

Get a second opinion

Learning you have cancer can be overwhelming. A second opinion can offer additional insight and clarity on treatment options for your type and stage of cancer as well as access to clinical trials. It can also give you confidence in your care and restore a sense of control — and hope.


Main Line Health cancer care can get you precisely the attention and services you need with a robust oncology team who have expertise in a variety of cancer types.  

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"I was thankful for some specialists within the Main Line Health network that recommended me to Dr. Marks' practice," Ben says. "Once I learned about his program and his track record and history of performing these procedures, I was fully convinced that this was the right place for me, and I was committed to following the path together with Dr. Marks."

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