What is aging skin?

Aging skin can result in sagging skin, wrinkles and age spots and is caused by intrinsic and extrinsic factors:

Intrinsic factors

Intrinsic factors are those we cannot control such as genetics and the natural aging process in which skin becomes thinner and loses elasticity, moisture and fullness.

Extrinsic factors

Extrinsic factors include environment and lifestyle choices such as sun exposure, smoking, alcohol consumption, repetitive facial expressions, improper cleansing and harsh irritating products.


Wrinkles, which include furrows, folds, or creases in the skin, are associated with the breakdown of elasticity in the skin and can be the result of the natural aging process, genetics or lifestyle factors such as sun exposure, or smoking.

Age spots

Also called liver spots and solar lentigines, these marks are flat tan, brown or black spots. They vary in size and usually appear on the face, hands, shoulders and arms—areas most exposed to the sun. Age spots are very common in adults older than age 50. But, younger people can get them too, especially if they spend a lot of time in the sun.

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