Laboratory testing provides information (lab results) about the state of your health using tests on blood, tissue or body fluid specimens. Lab tests screen individuals to identify risk of disease or medical conditions, diagnose for a condition or illness and to help manage and monitor conditions and diseases.

Doctors and health care practitioners use lab tests—along with your medical history, a physical exam and other tests—to make health care decisions that are vital to promoting better health and longer life for you. Advanced lab testing is used to uncover or keep an eye on a wide range of diseases. Tests may include blood tests, urine tests and stool tests.

Fast, accurate test results

We strive to provide fast, accurate results so you can receive the treatment you need as well as peace of mind. We're constantly improving how we collect, store and test samples to ensure that each result includes the information your doctor needs to provide quality care for your individual needs. Your test results will also be available for you to review in you Main Line Health MyChart.

Our pathologists work closely with your doctors to review your individual test results and answer any questions you have. Your doctors will discuss your test results with you and help create a treatment plan that is personalized for you.

Our laboratories, located throughout Philadelphia, collect samples from thousands of people every year.

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Now available for regular lab studies and glucose screenings at our outpatient lab locations.

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