Services for Health Care Professionals

In addition to serving health care professionals and hospitals in the Main Line Health system, Main Line Health Laboratories outreach meets the laboratory testing needs of physician offices and long-term care facilities along the Main Line, and from Philadelphia to Pottstown. Main Line Health Laboratories offers the best of both worlds—the responsive, community-based service of a hospital laboratory and the broad range of customer support offered by commercial reference laboratories.

We are continually working to improve the range and quality of testing services we offer. As part of Main Line Health and the Jefferson Health System, Main Line Health Laboratories works closely with our colleagues to provide you and your patients with quality care.

In today's changing health care environment, professionals depend on clinical laboratories to provide responsive service, accurate testing and results reporting that allows you to care for your patients in a timely way. Main Line Health Laboratories is committed to providing service that fits with these needs.

Establish service with Main Line Health Laboratories

If your practice or facility is interested in establishing service with Main Line Health Laboratories, please call us at 484.580.4200.

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Overview of Professional Services

The personnel of the Main Line Health Laboratories Client Service Center are available during normal working hours to assist you by providing test results, ordering additional tests, procuring supplies and requisition forms, and answering most laboratory questions.

Specimen Collection, Preparation & Handling Procedures

Accurate laboratory results begin with proper preparation on the part of the patient and continues with proper specimen collection, processing and handling by you, the health care professional.

Venous blood collection

Accurate laboratory results begin with appropriate specimen collection. Most blood specimens are obtained using standard venipuncture technique.

Micro blood colection

Main Line Health Laboratories (MLHL) provides the following standard procedures for micro blood collection.

Urine specimen collection

Routine urinalysis (UA) is one of the most frequently requested laboratory procedures at Main Line Health Laboratories (MLHL) because it can provide a useful indication of body health.

Stool specimen collection

Main Line Health Laboratories (MLHL) performs stool cultures and tests for Clostridium difficile toxin, rotavirus, giardia antigen, white blood cells (WBCs), pH, reducing substances and fecal fat.

Specimen Preparation Procedures

Please follow these procedures for preparing and submitting specimens to Main Line Health Laboratories (MLHL).

Critical values

Critical values are potentially life-threatening laboratory results that must be conveyed immediately to the physician or other health care professional so that therapeutic measures can be instituted rapidly.

Clinical Laboratory Test Orders that Generate More Than One Procedure

Policy on clinical laboratory test orders that generate, or may generate, more than one procedure (CPT code).

Patient Preparation

Some laboratory procedures require patient preparation. This may include: dietary restrictions, special precautions, and special collection timing.