For some surgical or special procedures, you may be required to answer questions that will help us plan for your care. Depending upon factors such as your age, background and medical history, a preadmission evaluation may be performed by a registered nurse.

Preparing for the preadmission test

If preadmission testing is required, we ask that you prepare for your visit by making the following information available:

  • All medications that you are taking with the original pharmacy containers
  • A list of any allergies you have to medication, food, soaps, latex, etc.
  • Any recent health problems
  • Any chronic medical conditions
  • Your use of tobacco, alcohol and drugs
  • Any prior surgical and anesthesia procedures
  • All letters, test results, consent forms, physical examination reports and any other information from your physician, medical consultant or surgeon
  • Any special religious, cultural or personal needs as well as any vision, hearing or reading deficiencies

Speak up: Help avoid mistakes in your surgery

In addition to providing accurate information during preadmission testing, you are encouraged to take an active role in your surgical procedure. By speaking up, you will not only aid the hospital in your treatment but will also prepare yourself for your upcoming surgery.

Learn more about the speak up program