Lymphedema is a condition of fluid stagnation and tissue swelling that can present in the limbs, trunk or head and neck. This condition occurs when there has been direct damage to the lymphatic system or an obstruction of normal lymphatic flow. Patients at risk of developing lymphedema often include those undergoing cancer surgery with lymph node removal or radiation treatments.

Lymphedema treatment: Our approach

The best results are achieved with early and continued treatment. Even in cases of chronic lymphedema, an active management program can reduce swelling and improve symptoms. Our creative therapies include:

  • manual lymphatic drainage or massage
  • multi layer compression bandaging
  • compression garments
  • exercise
  • skin care

Patient profile

At Bryn Mawr Rehab, our specially certified therapists treat patients of any age who are seeking treatment for lymphedema.

Outpatient therapy

Long-term treatment for lymphedema varies depending on the severity and complexity of an individual’s condition. Most cases can be treated with a regimented, daily routine, occasionally with the supplement of other therapeutic interventions. Our lymphedema treatment is available at several locations throughout the suburbs of Philadelphia.

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