How a hip and knee navigator can help you

Having a hip and knee navigator is like having an expert knowledge guide every step of the way, a person who is dedicated to providing you with education and insight as you prepare for hip or knee surgery. Your navigator is your advocate—someone by your side through every aspect of your experience at Main Line Health.

Meet the joint replacement authorities at each of our four hospitals

Kimberly Hogan, RN BSN, CMSRN
Lankenau Medical Center

“I enjoy spending time with and getting to know our patients and what’s important to them while also helping them learn how to be successful and confident in the recovery process. Many times I hear from patients that I was able to explain things in a way that no one else could, providing them with a newfound understanding. Ultimately, patients just need to take their recovery day by day—and they will succeed.”

Sharon Register, MHA, BSN, RN, ONC
Bryn Mawr Hospital

“Most people attending a pre-op class leave telling us they feel much better about their pending surgery experience. You can see the relief on their faces and hear it in their voices when they receive answers to their questions and come to understand expectations. They clearly benefit from hearing other people’s questions as well and appreciate that they’re not alone in this process.”

Donna Levan, PT, DPT, MEd, CSCS
Paoli Hospital

“I help address people’s common concerns like pain after surgery, and what it will be like when they go home after surgery, but the way I’m really able to help is by listening to the patient and finding out exactly what they’re fearful about. Then I’m able to provide evidence-based answers, suggestions and information in a positive, supportive environment. There are no stupid questions here. If it’s making you worried, your question is important.”

Lisa O’Neill, MPH, BSN, NE-BC, CMSRN
Riddle Hospital

“Many patients come to us when they can no longer live with their pain and mobility issues. It is a privilege to support them on their journey to a new experience in their lives, where they regain their mobility and freedom from pain.”