Hips, knees and everything else that makes joint replacement a relief

Whether your journey leads to hip or knee replacement or some other type of treatment that relieves your day-to-day pain and improves mobility, Main Line Health walks with you from pre-op arrangements to on-site physical therapy to recovering soundly at home—and everything in between.

Hip and knee pain relief starting now

We understand you may have a lot of questions about hip or knee pain. You may be wondering if surgery is necessary, or if there are other options available to you. That’s why we recommend you start by attending one of our free hip and knee pain seminars, conveniently held at Main Line Health hospitals and health centers throughout the Philadelphia suburbs.

Led by hip and knee navigators, the one-hour seminars offer a fantastic learning experience around the causes of joint pain and ways to prevent injury. The seminars also include discussion of a variety of nonsurgical treatments available as well as the latest innovations in joint replacement procedures performed at Main Line Health.

Meet your Hip & Knee 360˚ navigators

When you need surgery

Working with your multidisciplinary team of orthopedic experts, your navigator will guide you through every step of the joint replacement process—from educational classes before surgery to on-site physical therapy while you’re in the hospital to recovering soundly at home or in a rehabilitation hospital.

The Main Line Health Hip & Knee 360° is offered at our four hospital locations in the suburbs of Philadelphia: Lankenau Medical Center (Wynnewood), Bryn Mawr Hospital, Paoli Hospital, and Riddle Hospital (Media).

Our expert surgeons consistently deliver superior outcomes—meaning you’ll be back to your perfectly wonderful life sooner, safer.

When surgery is not for you

It may be that surgery is not the right option for you, but you still need ways to manage your pain and increase flexibility and movement. We’ve got you covered 360° on that as well with a peerless team of orthopedic experts and therapists who can design a pain management and rehabilitation program just for you.

Where to begin your hip or knee replacement journey

Call 484.580.1070 to talk to a hip and knee navigator. Your navigator can answer your questions and talk with you about attending one of our hip and knee pain seminars.