Infectious Diseases

We know that your safety and peace of mind are equally as important as treating your illness, and you can trust our commitment to preventing and curing infections. You and your loved ones are our neighbors, and our mission is to help improve your health, happiness and quality of life. 

About infectious disease care 

With convenient locations throughout the Philadelphia region, infectious disease care is easy to access. The team of board-certified specialists at Main Line Health diagnose and treat a variety of conditions — ranging from the common to those that are more serious and life-threatening.  

Infectious diseases can spread person to person, through insect or animal bites and through contaminated soil, food or water. Some types of infections treated include the following: 

  • Viral infections 
  • Bacterial infections 
  • Fungal infections
  • Parasitic infections 

Successful treatment for any infection disease starts with a proper diagnosis. Infectious disease specialists will manage and treat both sudden and chronic diseases. Through physical examination, medical history review and diagnostic procedures to better understand signs and symptoms, the goal is to understand and control an infectious disease.  

Infectious disease specialists work collaboratively in the hospital setting to manage complex infections. Partners include infectious disease physicians, infection preventionists, nursing staff and ancillary personnel. 


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