Emergency Medicine and Trauma

You and your loved ones can take comfort in knowing that the emergency care team at Main Line Health is here to provide compassionate care as quickly as possible. Our team of specially trained physicians, nurses and technicians use the most advanced protocols and technology around the clock. 
Emergency Room Building

What to expect at Main Line Health

Located just minutes from Philadelphia, our Main Line Health emergency rooms provide the highest standards of care. Our emergency department patient satisfaction scores have been among the highest in the nation. Collaborating with every medical and surgical area of expertise is our specialty. Critically ill or injured patients and patients requiring intensive care are always given priority.

All our physicians are board-certified in emergency medicine, and we have our own advanced diagnostic, imaging and monitoring equipment. This includes CT-scans, X-ray and a laboratory to enhance patient comfort and decrease wait time.

We understand that information needs to be transmitted as fast as possible in an emergency, so you get precise care as soon as possible. For these time-sensitive health events, we have advanced communications technology in place so medics can quickly transmit important details from an accident site or ambulance to the emergency department for greater efficiency and immediacy

Visiting the emergency room at Main Line Health

  • Physician expertise – All of our physicians are board-certified in emergency medicine.
  • Private rooms – Each of our four hospitals offers all private rooms for examination and treatment to ensure confidentiality and privacy.
  • Dedicated diagnostic equipment – We have our own advanced diagnostic, imaging and monitoring equipment, including CT-scans, X-ray, laboratory and other specialized equipment to enhance patient comfort and decrease wait time.
  • Advanced communication technology – We have advanced communications technology in place so medics can transmit important patient information from an accident site or an ambulance to the hospital emergency department. This allows for advanced cardiac preparation and quicker treatment.

Main Line Health emergency care expertise

  • Trauma centers – Lankenau Medical Center and Paoli Hospital Level II trauma centers. They are equipped to handle serious injuries associated with major accidents from falls, automobile accidents and sports injuries.
  • Pediatric care – Bryn Mawr Hospital has a dedicated pediatric emergency room and inpatient floor, with a child-centered family waiting room. Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) pediatric specialists are available to provide child-centered medical and surgical care.
  • Stroke Center – Bryn Mawr and Paoli Hospitals are advanced Interventional Stroke Centers that allow for the latest state of the art technological procedures in caring for stroke patients.
  • In-hospital specialists – If you need specialty care during your hospital stay, you'll have access to specialists in the areas of cardiology, surgery, neurology and neurosurgery, orthopaedics, oncology, infectious disease, radiology and more.
  • Access to inpatient care – In the event you need to receive inpatient care, Main Line Health hospitals offer specialized and general intensive care units, heart monitoring and more. At Bryn Mawr Hospital’s inpatient psychiatric care unit, you’ll have access to well-rounded patient support including evidence-based therapies, interactive activities, spiritual support and more.


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