Main Line Health offers clinical opportunities to more than 1,500 nursing students a year and maintains close relationships with the more than 15 colleges and schools of nursing in the area. Dedicated to the career development of both nursing students and new nurse graduates, Main Line Health has become a cornerstone of nursing education in our greater community.

Becoming a nurse

Are you in the process of choosing a career—or thinking of changing careers and embarking in a new direction? If so, give some serious consideration to a career in nursing. Find out the kind of education you need, the kind of programs that are available, and why this may be the best time in history to become a professional nurse.

Professional nurse residency program

New nurse graduates can transition to their profession and gain valuable full-time experiences in most clinical specialties. These evening and night-shift positions offer a comprehensive benefits package, competitive pay and shift differential.

Learn about our professional nurse residency program

Professional nurse externship program

Nursing students who have completed at least one clinical rotation will enjoy gaining patient care experience through this program. Part-time rotating schedules are available on all shifts with flexibility to meet your needs.

Learn about our professional nurse externship program

Perioperative Fellowship

Registered nurses interested in becoming an OR nurse may apply for the Perioperative Fellowship Program. This program is offered for new graduate nurses and experienced acute care nurses interested in making the transition to the operating room.


Graduate Nursing Rotation Requests

Nursing students in graduate programs for masters or doctorate degrees, either clinical or non-clinical programs, can apply for potential preceptors at a Main Line Health site. All graduate students looking for a preceptor will need to complete the MLH Graduate Nursing Data Collection Form in the proper application period. Preceptor placement is NOT guaranteed by completing the form and we recommend schools and their students utilize their professional contacts as well. All graduate schools are required to have an affiliation agreement with Main Line Health before students rotate.