The Clinical Ladder Career Advancement Program (CAP) provides frontline nursing staff with an opportunity for both professional and clinical growth in nursing practice. The focus of this program is to advance professional nursing practice at Main Line Health and to continue to raise the standard of clinical excellence. Consistent bedside nursing excellence is the expectation of all nurses at Main Line Health. Participation in CAP is voluntary but designed to recognize professionals who contribute by demonstrating a greater depth of clinical and leadership practice and assume responsibilities that benefit their area of practice and have a positive impact on nursing and patient care.

Nursing excellence and engagement is compensated annually through merit increases at the time of the performance appraisal. Clinical Ladder offers additional compensation opportunity for nurses who meet the criteria of this Career Advancement Program.

Continuing Education

Main Line Health offers materials and assistance for nurses to get the Continuing Education Units (CEUs) to maintain their certification and licensure including classes, coursework, presentations, and the ability to attend conferences and symposia.


Committees take a shared decision-making approach to problem-solving that promotes unit and nursing excellence. There are four decision-making system councils with representation from bedside nurses, educators, and leaders in the areas of:

  • Leadership Council
  • Nursing Quality Council
  • Nursing Research and Innovation Council
  • Healthy Work Environment Council

These councils report up through Main Line Health’s Nursing Executive Council with representation of the chief nursing officer, nursing vice presidents and an elected unit council chair from each of the four acute care hospitals. Each unit develops measurable, concrete goals for their council that reflect the scope and needs of the unit. Main Line Health nurses regularly meet as a unit with a structured process to encourage individuals to contribute to the unit’s activities and work environment, as well as to cultivate leadership, ownership and job satisfaction.

Endless nursing opportunities

Nurses take pride in working at Main Line Health and benefit from leadership and growth opportunities within a System Magnet® designated environment that rewards excellence in nursing care.

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