Neurophysiology: treating the electrical signals of your body

Your nervous system carries tiny electrical signals all over your body. These electrical impulses control everything your body does. They tell your heart to beat, your muscles to move and your lungs to breathe. Each thought you have is a series of tiny electrical impulses in your brain.

Some conditions cause faulty wiring within your nervous system. Neurological illnesses like multiple sclerosis or Parkinson’s disease, cause problems with your nerves and can affect how well your body responds to the electrical signals from your brain.

At Main Line Health, with office locations throughout the Philadelphia region, our highly trained neurophysiology specialists diagnose and treat conditions affecting your nervous system.

A key part of your neuro team

Our doctors use sophisticated diagnostic tests to identify any problems with your nerves. Once we’ve determined a diagnosis, our team works with our neurologists and neurosurgeons to help treat your illness.

As part of the Jefferson Neuroscience Network, Main Line Health doctors have access to shared resources like clinical trials and innovative new treatments for neurological conditions. In addition to our own resources, we can pull in additional help if necessary to treat your condition.

Finding the source of your symptoms

Our neurophysiology team uses leading edge diagnostic tools to pinpoint the cause of your symptoms. Some of our diagnostic resources include:

  • Electroencephalography (EEG) – this test measures electrical activity in your brain
  • Evoked potential (EP) tests – these tests monitor how quickly your brain reacts to stimuli like light, sound and touch
  • Electromyography (EMG) – this test monitors the electricity from nerve impulses in your muscles
  • Nerve conduction studies – these tests check for electricity from nerve impulses in different parts of your body
  • Polysomnography – this test monitors brain activity while you’re sleeping

Using these tools, our neurophysiology specialists can help you find which part of your nervous system isn’t working properly. In some cases, these tests can reveal a problem before you even start having symptoms.

To schedule an appointment with a specialist at Main Line Health, call 1.866.CALL.MLH (1.866.225.5654) or use our secure online appointment request form.