Integrative medicine —personalized care for the 21st century

An integrative medicine provider works in partnership with each patient, taking a broad view of your history and current health as well as your place within your family, workplace and community. Integrative medicine places heavy emphasis on prevention of sickness and disease and maintenance of healthy diet and lifestyle through good nutrition and effective ways of managing stress.

Integrative medicine does not take a completely alternative approach, nor does it rely entirely on traditional medicine but rather "integrates" practices from each to help support the body's natural ability to heal itself. An integrative medicine provider applies traditional medicine approaches when needed and looks to a wide variety of evidence-based, holistic therapies for alternatives when appropriate.

These may include massage and acupuncture for:

  • Pain management
  • Relief from nausea and sleeplessness (due to chemotherapy treatments)
  • A wide variety of conditions from gastrointestinal disorders to diabetes

Acupuncture may also be used to support women's reproductive health.

Integrative services such as tai chi and other types of movement that promote circulation of energy throughout the body can often help with:

  • Mental health challenges such as depression and anxiety
  • Stress-related illnesses like fibromyalgia and autoimmune disorders such as lupus
  • Cancer-related symptoms and side effects of cancer treatment

Dietary and herbal supplements may be combined to support a particular type of diet that's been tailored to the individual. Other types of meditative practices, including yoga, reiki, qi gong and creative visualization may also be applied to treat a wide range of conditions.

With "self-care" now being so much a part of everyone's prescription plan, it can be refreshing to down with an integrative medicine provider who understands the importance of treating body, mind and spirit. Patients often choose integrative medicine services as a lifetime investment in their own health and well-being.