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About Graduate Medical Education

Main Line Health's commitment to graduate medical education and research is the cornerstone of what makes us a world-class health system. We offer a diverse curriculum of graduate and ACGME/CPME/SSO/TFC/ALA accredited post-graduate programs in a variety of disciplines for medical professionals wishing to further their education and professional development.

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Each year hundreds of top candidates compete for a handful of openings in our fellowship and residency programs, working and learning alongside our renowned medical staff to become the caregivers of tomorrow.

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Residencies, Fellowships and Clerkships and Electives

Each year hundreds of top candidates compete for a handful of openings in our fellowship and residency programs, working and learning alongside our renowned medical staff to become the caregivers of tomorrow.


We offer fully accredited residencies in family medicine, general surgery, internal medicine, obstetrics/gynecology, osteopathic family medicine, podiatry and radiology. Physicians receive excellent training and are given the tools to meet today's changing health care needs.

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We offer fully accredited fellowships in cardiovascular diseases, gastroenterology, hematology/medical oncology, nephrology, and pulmonary/critical care medicine in addition to our administrative fellowship. Learn how our programs offer academic and clinical challenges in an environment of suburban and urban communities that offer excellent prospects for your fellowship, your family and your future in medicine.

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Clerkships and electives

Our medical student rotations allow students from accredited medical schools the opportunity to gain real-world medical knowledge through direct patient care experiences. These rotations are designed to provide junior and senior medical students with deeper insights into and experiences with a number of medical subspecialties.

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Salary, Benefits, Eligibility, and Contract

Salary and Benefits

Resident/Fellow Salaries Fiscal Year 2023-2024

  • PGY1: $72,333
  • PGY2: $73,700
  • PGY3: $76,652
  • PGY4: $80,000
  • PGY5: $83,063
  • PGY6: $86,541
  • PGY7: $90,000

Resident/Fellow Benefits

  • Direct deposit of paychecks
  • Free parking at MLH locations
  • Benefits start on day one of training — no waiting period
  • Savings and 403B programs available to residents
  • Medical, dental and vision benefits available through payroll deduction
  • Malpractice tail coverage provided for full protection at completion of training
  • Employee Assistance Program – FirstCall
  • Paid vacation
    • Two weeks in PGY1
    • Three weeks in PGY2, PGY3, PGY4, PGY5, PGY6, PGY7, PGY8
  • Five personal days per year
  • 12 sick days per year
  • On-call meal allowance while in hospital
  • Night float meal allowance
  • On-call room, as required per schedule
  • Leadership opportunities, including House Staff Officers, Resident Wellness Committee, Diversity, Respect, and Inclusion Committee, and more
  • Food availability during cafeteria off-shift hours – trainee designated lounges stocked with drinks and snacks. Snack and drink vending machines throughout hospitals, and healthy meal options from Byte and Farmer's Fridge vending machines
  • Continuing education benefits:
    • PGY I: None
    • PGY II: $1,500
    • PGY III: $1,800
    • PGY IV: $1,800
    • PGY V: $2,000
    • PGY VI: $2,000
    • PGY VII: $2,100
  • $300 Book allowance
  • Three free lab coats

Eligibility & Selection Criteria

Main Line Health's Graduate Education Committee has established a uniform policy for the recruitment and appointment of residents to all Main Line Health training programs.

Main Line Health Equal Employment Opportunity Policy

Mandatory Vaccinations at Main Line Health

Resident/Fellow Contract

It is the responsibility of Main Line Health's Designated Institutional Official for Graduate Medical Education to provide all applicants to our training programs with a copy of the complete and accurate contract that the applicants would be expected to sign should they match with one of our programs via the NRMP match.

Download the Resident/Fellow Contract (PDF)

Internships and Residencies

We offer nursing students and new graduate nurses enriching opportunities to develop professional skills and experience through our various residency programs and fellowships.


We value offering paid and unpaid internships for various departments across the organization – these opportunities provide valuable learning experiences for students who are seeking to gain exposure in areas of interest. All current internship opportunities can be accessed through our Careers site.


For shadowing opportunities at select MLH locations, check out each hospitals' "Volunteer Opportunities" page for more information.


Nurse Residency Program

This year-long program helps new graduate nurses in their first professional role ease the transition to practice. With a focus on nursing leadership nurse-driven outcomes and professional development, the curriculum is designed to enhance critical thinking skills and to support a nurse's ability to use outcome data to promote patient safety.

Nurse Externship

For those nursing students who have already completed at least one clinical rotation, a nurse externship allows the opportunity to gain patient care experience. To accommodate your busy life, we offer part-time rotating schedules for all shifts in most clinical specialties. These provide an exceptional opportunity to prepare for the clinical setting after graduation.

Perioperative Fellowship

We have a Perioperative Fellowship Program if you're a registered nurse interested in becoming an OR nurse. The program is offered separately for new graduate nurses and experienced acute care nurses interested in making the transition to the operating room.

Administrative Fellowship

This program provides recent graduates with the opportunity to join our administrative team and gain practical experience in a suburban, community-based health system.

Summer Enrichment Program

The Summer Enrichment Program is a 10-week paid internship that connects diverse students pursuing advanced health-related degrees with experienced administrators and other health care professionals who serve as preceptors and mentors.