Before and after weight loss surgery photos show what’s possible

Bariatric surgery can be life-altering for people who have struggled with the negative effects of obesity on mobility, physical and mental health, social life and relationships. While weight loss surgery results are not guaranteed, many patients do succeed when following our bariatric program guidelines and getting necessary bariatric support along the way.

Following are some weight loss surgery results photos* of patients who received bariatric treatment by our bariatric surgeons at the Bryn Mawr Hospital Bariatric Center. You can also read some of our bariatric surgery success stories.

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Christine Kabacinski

Lynette Andrews

Joe Smith

Corinne Greene

Monica Pagan

Read Monica’s bariatric surgery success story

Joe Peterson

Read Joe’s bariatric surgery success story

Heather Jones

Read Heather’s bariatric surgery success story

* Results are not guaranteed and these patients’ results may not be typical.

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