Adjuvant lung cancer enrichment marker identification and sequencing trial (ALCHEMIST)

Study ID: A151216

Study to observe genetic testing of tumor cells in patients with stages IB-IIIA non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) that has been or will be removed by surgery.

Identifying certain genetic mutations in patients can help doctors guide patients to the most appropriate treatment options, including other clinical trials. The purpose of this study is to advance genetic research related to NSCLC by centrally testing for genetic mutations and obtaining tumor tissue, as well as patient-matched, non-malignant DNA. By obtaining detailed epidemiologic (disease-related) and clinical follow-up data, researchers will also be able to provide advanced genomic analyses in cooperation with the National Cancer Institute (NCI) Center for Cancer Genomics (CCG).

To participate in this research trial, patients must be willing to provide blood and tissue samples. Patients who have already had surgery before trial registration may provide test samples from previous surgery.

  • Pre-surgical patients: suspected diagnosis of resectable NSCLC, clinical stage IIIA, II or IB (defined as size >4cm)
  • Post-surgical patients: completely resected NSCLC, pathologic stage IIIA, II or IB (defined as size >4cm)
  • No neoadjuvant therapy for cancer
  • No interstitial fibrosis or lung disease

Intervention/Treatment: to centrally genotype resected NSCLC and assign to sub-studies A81105, E4512 or EA5142

Additional schema information (PDF)

Inclusion Snapshot

  • Presurgical patients must have:
    • Suspected diagnosis of surgically operable NSCLC
    • Suspected clinical stage of IIIA, II (IIA or IIB) or large IB (defined as ≥4cm)
  • Postsurgical patients must have:
    • Had complete surgical removal of NSCLC with negative margins (R0)
    • Pathologic stage IIIA, II (IIA or IIB) or large IB (defined as size ≥4 cm)
  • Must provide sample tissue for analysis

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