Each Cruisin’ Smart® session offers brief, anonymous questionnaires for participating students that help to capture important data for teachers, administrators, counselors, school nurses and parents.

The survey: our approach

Our Cruisin’ Smart survey is an evidence-based evaluation of the program’s impact and effectiveness in shaping safer driving habits among the audience. We distribute a short, anonymous questionnaire, modeled on surveys standardized by the National Highway Traffic Safety Association, to students in the audience before the Cruisin’ Smart presentation, and immediately after in an effort to record the effectiveness of the presentation.

The survey examines:

  • students’ substance use
  • their attitudes about distracted driving and driving under the influence
  • their use of seat belts
  • parental communication

Schools also receive a report compiling the results of all other participating school surveys during that academic year, helping everyone understand how best to approach students’ perceptions and address dangerous behavior. The statistics can be an excellent tool for applications for funding sources as well as for informing school board and PTO meetings, and can help develop the programming of special interest groups.

Community impact

With Cruisin’ Smart at Bryn Mawr Rehab Hospital, we don’t want to walk into a school for the afternoon and then send the students back to their lives without any way to measure the effectiveness of the program. An approach that marries vital facts and statistics to the human stories of our speakers can do the most good to prevent the tragedies that rock communities across the country every day.

For more information about Cruisin’ Smart, contact the program coordinator at cruisinsmart@mlhs.org or 484.596.5465.