Our hands are essential for everyday life and even the slightest impairment to their function can be a devastating and life-changing event. At Bryn Mawr Rehab, each patient's program is designed by an experienced occupational therapist who focuses in caring for the hand and wrist. We offer a specialized hand therapy program designed to treat patients with the following injuries and diseases:

  • traumatic hand injuries
  • cumulative trauma disorders
  • burns
  • arthritis
  • nerve injuries
  • reflex sympathetic dystrophy
  • congenital anomalies
  • carpal tunnel syndrome
  • fractures
  • sprains and strains
  • crush injuries
  • tendonitis
  • tendon lacerations
  • amputations
  • joint replacements
  • repetitive strain injuries (RSI)

Hand therapy: Our approach

Depending on a patient’s condition, therapy could take anywhere from just a few days to a long-term commitment. The focus of our hand doctors and certified hand therapists—nationally recognized and licensed by the state of Pennsylvania—take take a creative approach in order to help patients turn small steps into enormous victories. Hand rehabilitation can include:

  • simple ball sports
  • video games
  • dynamic and static custom splinting
  • Serial casting
  • work simulation
  • work station assessment
  • wound care
  • scar remodeling
  • injury prevention
  • ergonomic education
  • exercises to restore range of motion and strength
  • pain management
  • sensory re-education

Outpatient therapy

Because of the pervasive nature of hand injuries, our patients come from all walks of life—from young athletes to long-term arthritis sufferers to accidental burn victims. Fortunately our hand therapy specialists are well versed in a variety of methods and work to develop a personalized regimen for the unique needs of every patient.

Our hand rehabilitation team provides hard-working hand therapy on an outpatient basis. This specialized outpatient program helps each patient promote optimal hand function through the use of sophisticated therapeutic techniques and is available at several of our locations throughout Philadelphia’s western suburbs.

To schedule an appointment with a Bryn Mawr Rehab clinician for outpatient physical, occupational and speech therapy services, call 484.596.5000.