Cultivating the relationship between food, health and environment

At Lankenau, we recognize the connection between nutrition and wellness. In collaboration with Greener Partners, we are one of only a few hospitals nationwide to take the progressive step of planting and maintaining a year-round organic garden on-site that is integrated into how we deliver health care. Our goal is to harness the power of locally grown food to strengthen our community’s health.

We offer a variety of farm-based education programs geared to school-age children. Through these programs, kids learn to connect with the source of healthy food, gain understanding of the science behind agriculture, and leave with an appreciation for the value of healthy eating.

The farm includes three dozen gardens, a greenhouse, composting area, and a variety of garden stations, including:

  • Herb station
  • Seeds station
  • Field tasting station
  • Roots and stems station
  • Flower and fruits station

The Deaver Wellness Farm has produced more than 13,000 pounds of produce and educated over 1,500 school children since its opening on Earth Day, Friday, April 22, 2016.

Fresh produce from the farm makes its way to year-round farmers’ market for patients, visitors and employees. This bounty of nutritious food is also used to address the food insecurity and chronic disease management needs of our most vulnerable patients, and is donated to local food banks.

The farm also offers a peaceful campus for patients, visitors, employees and community members through walking trails and gardening opportunities.

Learn more about our farm-based programs for young people or reserve today by calling 484.476.3434 or filling out our online reservation form.

The Deaver Wellness Farm project is funded by a generous gift from the Delema G. Deaver Fund and a grant from the McLean Contributionship.