In our Inpatient Behavioral Health Unit at Bryn Mawr Hospital in the suburbs of Philadelphia, we provide patients with private, inpatient psychiatric treatment in a secure, comfortable setting. Patients with a wide variety of psychiatric disorders are treated by a multidisciplinary treatment team. Our staff is trained to assess and treat most acute psychiatric illnesses, with the goal of helping the individual return to normal functioning and reclaim his or her life in the community. Patients who are using alcohol or other drugs in addition to having a psychiatric disorder can participate in our dual-diagnosis treatment program.

Treatment team

The treatment team consists of board-certified psychiatrists and internists, a psychologist, registered nurses, mental health technicians, licensed social workers, certified addiction counselors, and art and recreation therapists. With permission, a patient's family physician is advised of the patient’s admission and included in the discharge planning.


Treatment begins with comprehensive psychiatric and physical evaluations. A customized program is then developed which may include:

  • Creative/expressive therapy
  • Medication management and education
  • Activity therapy
  • Individual and group counseling
  • Dual diagnosis groups
  • Family support
  • Aftercare planning


A referral for evaluation and possible admission can be made by calling 1.888.CARE.898. Treatment at our inpatient behavioral health unit is covered by most insurance plans. Our intake coordinators will provide specific information about reimbursement issues.

Read our admission guidelines (PDF)