Bryn Mawr Hospital Inpatient Psychiatric Unit - Admission Guidelines

Although each case is evaluated on an individual basis, there are general guidelines for admission to the Bryn Mawr Hospital Inpatient Psychiatric Unit as listed below.

For all cases:

  • Individual must be age 18 or older and medically stable
  • Individual must have a primary DSM-IV diagnosis of mental illness of sufficient intensity and severity to require 24-hour inpatient care
  • Individual/s safety or the safety of others is at imminent risk, or the individual is unable to care for him/herself due to his/her acute mental illness

The unit does not have appropriate programmatic services for:

  • Individuals with a primary Axis II disorder
  • Individuals with a primary Axis I Substance Abuse Disorder (we have a co-occurring disorders program for individuals who have a secondary substance abuse disorder and a primary mental health disorder)
  • Individuals with a primary diagnosis of an eating disorder
  • Individuals who require acute medical or surgical care
  • Individuals with a substantiated diagnosis of dementia who have no acute behavioral changes, or have no known psychiatric disorder and no expectation for a positive response to treatment
  • Individuals who cannot participate in the treatment program due to severe cognitive or physical limitations
  • Individuals with moderate to profound mental retardation
  • Individuals currently residing in a correctional facility or who have pending legal charges involving assaultive behavior

A referral for evaluation and possible admission can be made by calling 1.888.CARE.898 (227.3898). Treatment at our inpatient psychiatric unit is covered by most insurance plans. Our intake coordinators will provide specific information about reimbursement issues.