Requirements to join MLHPP Tier 1 Network:

In order to fully execute your participation, proof of EMR usage must be provided. Below outlines the EMR audit criteria and associated documentation that will need to be provided.

  • Most recent MIPS score (not applicable to pediatricians). If not available, a reason must be provided.
  • One session worth of notes (half day) from each physician to include:
    • Screenshot of schedule for identified date/session
    • Associated notes for each patient listed on the schedule
    • If not included in the notes, then a screen shot/print out of:
      • Problems
      • Medication Module
      • Allergies
      • Immunizations
  • Last entry into chart for each patient from above to include (if available):
    • Lab Note
    • Phone Call Encounter
    • E-Rx

Requirements to join MLHPP Tier 2 Network: