Pragmatics is the study of rules that govern the use of language in social situations. Pragmatic skills are important for social, academic, and vocational success. Effective pragmatic skills enable speakers to relate successfully to others within their milieu. The objective of this 6-week social language group is to increase the awareness of others and expose the children to various social situations where they will have the opportunity to practice pragmatic skills in a controlled environment with direct instruction and modeling.

Social groups are not designed to be a replacement for individual speech-language therapy services, but it is intended to be a companion to individual services your child may already receive. This group can also serve as a transition when your child completes a course of individual treatment.

download our social Group Intake ForM (PDF) 

Age Range

Current groups include verbal children age 6–11 years old. However; additional groups form based on interest and availability:

  • Nonverbal picture exchange group
  • Pre-school age social group
  • Mommy/child interactive language group
  • Daddy/child interactive language group
  • Adolescent pragmatic group
  • Hand writing groups

Groups run intermittently. Call 484.227.3370 for more information.