Occupational Therapists are trained to assist people of all ages with activities of daily living. With children this is accomplished through play. The role of the occupational therapist is to help a child develop essential skills, which will be used through out his or her life.

Children in need of occupational therapy may have difficulty with self-care, dressing, handwriting, and cutting tasks. They may be sensitive to environmental information (noise, light, taste, touch, and movement) and may have difficulty reacting appropriately to this information. These children may demonstrate awkward movements and social interactions. They may also have atypical (high or low) muscle tone.

  • Sensory Processing Skills The ability to take in information through our senses; to organize and interpret information and respond in a meaningful way
  • Fine Motor Skills This involves the strength and coordination of the hand. These skills are needed for play, tool use, self-care skills and handwriting.
  • Visual Motor Skills Involves a child’s ability to combine what he or she sees with a physical/motor output
  • Visual Perception Skills The ability to discriminate and analyze colors, foreground, and background, form or shape and position in space. These skills are critical for everyday activities including dressing, writing, sports and everyday play.

The pediatric occupational therapists at Riddle Hospital offer evaluations and therapy to help your child develop the following skills:

  • Attention/Regulation of arousal
  • Refinement of sensory processing and sensory discrimination
  • Development/Refinement of gross and fine motor skills
  • Development of appropriate social skills
  • Self care skills
  • Self concept/awareness
  • Handwriting readiness

Our therapists specialize in pediatric assessment and intervention. The therapy is one-on-one and family involvement is encouraged. Each child is entrusted to an occupational therapist who develops a personalized plan of care to meet your child’s specific needs.

The Occupational Therapy Staff

  • Hold PA licensure and NBCOT ( National Board for Certification in Occupational Therapy) certification
  • Participate in continuing education to enhance and expand skills
  • Are enthusiastic and creative
  • Have undergone extensive training/mentoring in pediatric occupational therapy