Genetic testing for heart disease and genetic cardiac disorders

Many cardiac disorders can be inherited—that is, related in part to genetics—including arrhythmias, cardiomyopathies, congenital heart disease, and high cholesterol, among others. At Main Line Health in the western suburbs of Philadelphia, we provide genetic evaluation to individuals and families at increased risk for cardiovascular disease due to family or personal history.

Cardiovascular genetic testing may be considered if you have a family or personal history of:

Genetic testing for heart disease may also be considered when there is a family or personal history of:

Cardiovascular genetic counseling is a process that typically includes a review and discussion of your personal health history as well as your family history and potential risk factors for cardiovascular disease. Our genetic counselors will analyze all of this information and help you determine which genetic tests, if any, might be appropriate. Knowing your genetic risk of cardiac disorders may be able to help you, your family and your health care providers better understand and manage cardiovascular disease now and in the future.

The Main Line Health Genetics and Risk Assessment Program provides services for cancer genetics, cardiovascular genetics and prenatal genetics. Services are available at eight Main Line Health locations throughout the region. To learn more about genetics services, call 484.565.GENE (4363).