Genetics and Risk Assessment Program

Making sense of your personal and family history.
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About the genetics and risk assessment program

Main Line Health's Genetics and Risk Assessment Programs are offered at multiple locations in the Philadelphia region, and also available virtually through telemedicine. Anyone concerned about potential health risks due to personal or family history factors is welcome to make an appointment.

Genetic evaluation is available for cancer, cardiovascular, prenatal and select neurological conditions.

During your genetic counseling evaluation, a member of our team can:

  • Review your relevant personal, family and pregnancy history and any prior test results
  • Describe potential health risks
  • Discuss pros, cons and limitations of testing options
  • Coordinate appropriate testing and interpret results
  • Identify other at-risk family members
  • Discuss screening or risk management options
  • Identify supportive and informational resources

Whatever the results of your tests may reveal, we're also dedicated to supporting you with the resources you need. We provide counseling, referrals to specialists and follow-up visits so you can feel confident, comforted and armed with as much health knowledge as possible.

Main Line Health accepts most health insurance plans, many of which cover the cost of genetic counseling. While many genetic tests are covered by insurance companies, the genetics team will review genetic test and lab options since costs, if any, are determined by the testing laboratory.

Learn about our locations and services offered at each location

Types of genetic testing we offer:

Cancer genetics

At least 10% of cancer cases are caused by hereditary factors. Knowing if you have a higher chance of developing cancer due to your genetic makeup may help to determine a personalized plan for prevention, early detection or treatment.

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Cardiovascular genetics

Many cardiovascular conditions (problems involving the heart and blood vessels) can be hereditary. These include arrhythmias, cardiomyopathy, congenital heart disease and high cholesterol. Genetic evaluation is offered to individuals and families at risk for cardiovascular disease due to family or personal history.

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Prenatal genetics

Some pregnancies may be at risk for certain conditions related to heredity or other factors. Genetic counseling can provide information about screening and testing options available before or during pregnancy by evaluating the family and/or pregnancy history.

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