Funded studies

Bryn Mawr Hospital

SSRF2022-01 / Michele Columbo: Asthma in the elderly: a double-blind, placebo controlled, cross over study of the effect of probiotics.

SSRF2022-09 / Michael D. Ezekowitz: Developing a protocol and initiating a pilot study for a prospective randomized comparison of the four approved direct-acting oral anticoagulants in elderly patients with atrial fibrillation.

SSRF2022-16 / Ashlie Burkart: Spatial Transcriptomics of Leaky Gut

SSRF2022-19 / Glen Harper: Retrospective analysis to compare the use of high and low dose DOACs and patient not being anticoagulated with atrial fibrillation age 80 and above in the BMMSA database

Lankenau Institute of Medical Research

SSRF2022-03 / Sunil Thomas, MD: Development of MNRNA BINI therapy for the treatment of ulcerative colitis

SSRF2022-04 / Laura Mandik-Navak, MD: Unraveling the mechanism by which subtherapeutic antibody targeting of IDO2 alleviates autoimmune arthritis

SSRF2022-05 / Gan-Xin Yan, MD: Inverse Decremental Conduction and High Degree AV Block Following Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement.

SSRF2022-06 / Susan Gilmour: Biomarkers for neutrophil extracellular trap formation in ovarian cancer patient

SSRF2022-07 / Lisa Laury-Kleintop: Understanding the internalization of a novel therapeutic antibody for treating autoimmunity.

SSRF2022-08 / U. Margaretha Wallon: Retro- and prospective study of blood based assay as biomarker for CIPN [chemotherapy induced peripheral neuropathy]

SSRF2022-10 / Basel Ramlawi: Main Line Advanced Valve and Aortic Center Clinical Outcome Review: focus in intervention for aortic and mitral valve disease

SSRF2022-11 / Serge Sicouri: Cost analysis comparison of distinct aortic, mitral and coronary interventions at Lankenau Medical Center

SSRF2022-12 / Hector Barajas-Martinez: Pharmacogenomics in novel calcium channel mutations in Brugada and Atrial Fibrillation linked with sudden cardiac death syndromes

SSRF2022-13 / Eric Alexander: Polyamine and GCN2-related biomarkers in cancer patients treated with immunotherapy

SSRF2022-14 / James Mullin, PhD: Decreasing Upper Gastrointestinal mucosal leak by orally administered zinc

SSRF2022-17 / Scott Dessain: An anti-cancer monoclonal antibody cocktail that blocks NMDA receptor function