Funded studies

Bryn Mawr Hospital

SSRF2017-01 / Hans H. Liu, MD, FACP “Antibiotic allergy and adverse reaction trends in patients at Bryn Mawr Hospital: Changing patterns 2007–2015 and impact of the electronic medical record (EHR)”

SSRF2017-02 / Glenn R. Harper, MD, Co-Investigator/s: Michael Ezekowitz, MD, PhD “The characteristics, treatments and outcomes of patients with nonvalvular atrial fibrillation in a real-world clinical practice: A retrospective analysis”

SSRF2017-05 / Luciano Kapelusznikm MD, Co-Investigator/s:  Hans Liu, MD and Lisa Cushinotto “Characterization of an outbreak microti infections diagnosed in the Main Line Health system in 2015”

SSRF2017-25 / Lawrence A. Marinari, MD, Co-Investigator/s: Madeline A. Danny, DO, Wallace T. Miller, Jr., MD “Lower respiratory tract infections caused by emerging viruses:  Imaging patterns and correlation with clinical outcomes”

Lankenau Medical Center

SSRF2017-09 / Gan-Xin Yan, MD, PhD “Suppression of atrial fibrillation of combination use of Dofetilide and Ranolazine”

Lankenau Institute of Medical Research

SSRF2017-11/ Susan K. Gilmour, PhD, Co-Investigator/s: Charles Dunton, MD and Xiaomang Stickles, MD “Development of a novel combination therapy for ovarian cancer”

SSRF2017-13 / Lisa Laury-Kleintop., PhD, Collaborator/s:  Scott Dessain, MD, PhD “A novel therapeutic approach and target for autoantibody-mediated autoimmunity”

SSRF2017-14 / Laura Mandik-Navak, PhD, Co-Investigator/s:  Gary Gordon, MD and Lauren Merlo, PhD “Association between indoleamine 2,3-dioxygenase (IDO2) polymorphisms and autoimmune disease”

SSRF2017-18 / Sunil Thomas, PhD, Co-Investigator/s: Luciano Kapelusznik, MD “Novel vaccines for lyme disease using structure-based design”

SSRF2017-23 / Alexander J. Muller, PhD, Co-Investigator/s: Dmitri Chamchad, MD “Prospective observational double cohort study examining the indexes of heart rate variability in predicting complications in laboring female on the basis of genetic mapping”

Main Line HealthCare

SSRF2017-22 / Jack Abboudi, MD, Co-Investigator/s: Will Kirkpatrick, MD, Christopher Jones, MD and William Emper, MD “Reverse angled parallel pins for olecranon tension band fixation”

Extended studies

Bryn Mawr Hospital

SSRF2016-10 / Eric A. Levicoff, MD “Evaluation of post-operative pain following primary total knee arthroplasty with intraoperative subanesthetic ketamine administration and spinal anesthesia”

SSRF2015-05 / William B. Carter, MD “Human chorionic gonadotropin induction of apoptosis in breast cancer”

SSRF2015-SP / Jack Martin, MD, “CIRT Trial”