Funded studies

Bryn Mawr Hospital

SSRF2018-01 / Hans Liu, MD, FACP “Antibiotic allergy and adverse reaction trends in patients at Bryn Mawr Hospital: Changing patterns 2007–2015 and impact of the electronic medical record (EHR)”

SSRF2018-02 / Linna Li, MD “Immunotherapy and stereotactic maintenance radiation therapy in metastatic cancer patients: A retrospective review”

SSRF2018-03 / Luciano Kapelusznik, MD, Co-Investigator/s: Hans Liu, MD, Lisa Cushinotto “Characterization of an outbreak of Babesia Microti infections diagnosed in the Main Line Health system in 2015”

SSRF2018-05 / Jess Lonner, MD, Co-Investigator/s: Max Greenky, MD “A randomized controlled trial comparing intraoperative surgeon-performed and anesthesiologist-performed adductor canal blockade after primary total knee arthroplasty”

SSRF2018-07 / Lawrence Marinari, MD, Co-Investigator/s: Madeline Danny, DO, Wallace Miller, Jr., MD “Lower respiratory tract infections caused by emerging viruses: Imaging patterns and correlation with clinical outcomes”

SSRF2018- 16 / Glenn Harper, MD, Co-Investigator/s. Michael Ezekowitz, MD “The characteristics, treatments, and outcomes of patients with nonvalvular atrial fibrillation in a real-world clinical practice: A retrospective analysis between January 1st 2011 and May 30th 2017”

Lankenau Institute of Medical Research

SSRF2018-09 / Lisa Laury-Kleintop, PhD, Co-Investigator/s: Scott Dessain, MD, PhD (collaborator) “Understanding a unique therapeutic approach and target for treating autoimmunity”

SSRF2018-10 / James Mullin, PhD, Co-Investigator/s: Bob Etemad, MD, Sunil Thomas, PhD (collaborator) “Reducing cancer risk in Barrett’s esophagus after radiofrequency ablation”

SSRF2018-12 / Susan K. Gilmour, PhD, Co-Investigator/s: David Holtz, MD “Development of a novel combination therapy for ovarian cancer”

SSRF2018-13 / Konstadinos Plestis, MD, Co-Investigator/s: “Assessment of pain and quality of life in patients undergoing minimally invasive and transcatheter aortic valve replacement”

SSRF2018-14 / Gan-Xin Yan, MD, Co-Investigator/s:“In Vitro prediction model for drug-induced QT prolongation and TdP risk in humans: Blinded validation”

SSRF2018- 15 / Tamer Khashab, MD, Co-Investigator/s. Felipe Samaniego, MD “Long-term overall survival and failure free survival after PCR (Pentostatin, Cyclophosphamide, and Rituximab) therapy in indolent non-Hodgkin lymphoma”

Extended studies

Bryn Mawr Hospital

SSRF2017-02 / Glenn R. Harper, MD, Co-Investigator/s: Michael Ezekowitz, MD, PhD “The characteristics, treatments, and outcomes of patients with non-valvular atrial fibrillation in a real-world clinical practice: A retrospective analysis”

SSRF2015-05 EXT2 / William B. Carter, MD, “Human chorionic gonadotropin induction of apoptosis in breast cancer”

Lankenau Institute of Medical Research

SSRF2017-09 / Gan-Xin Yan, MD, PhD, “Suppression of atrial fibrillation of combination use of Dofetilide and Ranolazine”

SSRF2017-18 / Sunil Thomas, PhD, Co-Investigator/s: Luciano Kapelusznik, MD, “Novel vaccines for lyme disease using structure-based design”

SSRF2017-23 / Alexander J. Muller, PhD, Co-Investigator/s: Dmitri Chamchad, MD “Prospective observational double cohort study examining the indexes of heart rate variability in predicting complications in laboring female on the basis of genetic mapping”