At Main Line Health, we have made it our mission to provide patients with a superior patient experience. This translates to the consistent delivery of safe, high quality clinical care in the absence of preventable harm. In other words, did you heal me, not hurt me, and did you treat me with kindness and respect?

As one of the Philadelphia region’s most comprehensive health care institutions, our team of more than 10,000 physicians, nurses, administrators, staff, and volunteers are dedicated to leading the way in quality and patient safety. Our commitment to quality is measured in both better patient outcomes and increased patient satisfaction. These measures are based on analytical data that track detailed medical outcomes, as well as individual patient surveys that assess overall patient satisfaction and experiences in the health care setting.

We want our patients to know that we take seriously the importance of monitoring and measuring our safety and quality performance track record. In the Main Line Health System Quality Scorecard, we share our scores—based on national averages and our own goals—in the areas of: infection prevention, clinical performance, and patient satisfaction.

The path to quality and patient satisfaction is a continuous pursuit. From our Board of Directors to senior leadership to every member of the Main Line Health team, we are constantly monitoring our progress, and instituting new, improved methods and protocols to heal patients, deliver compassionate care, and prevent harm.

We are committed to excellence, and to delivering a superior patient experience for every patient, every day, in every way.