Your provider is part of Main Line Health Physician Partners, a clinically integrated network (CIN) of health care professionals working together to improve the health and well-being of the community it serves. A clinically integrated network is a group of physicians, hospitals and health systems working to improve patient experience and value of care provided.

How our clinically integrated network serves patients

You may be wondering why seeing a provider who is part of a clinically integrated network is of value to you. After all, you expect to receive high-quality care and an optimal patient experience no matter what. Being part of this network means your doctor has a deep commitment to keeping you safe and healthy—not just treating you when you're sick. By being a part of Main Line Health Physician Partners, your physician is also striving to improve communication and coordination of care between all the physicians you see.

  • Physicians in our network have interest in providing value care to their patients and strive to provide patients with a positive experience
  • Providers within our network use electronic medical records (EMR), which allows for easier access to and review of your health information.
  • By having ready access to more pieces of your health information, your physician can better oversee and direct your care.

Main Line Health Physician Partners is a partner of the Delaware Valley Accountable Care Organization (DVACO), which is leading the way in improving the health of our communities through various clinical programs and initiatives. DVACO is one of the largest accountable care organizations in the United States and is among the highest performing for delivering quality care.

Please contact [email protected] for copies of our brochure (PDF) for your office.