Trigger Finger Release

What is trigger finger release?

Trigger finger is a common condition caused by a narrowing of the sheath in the soft tissue surrounding the flexor tendons in the hand. With trigger finger, the tendon becomes trapped and painfully snaps with use of the hand, resulting in a catching of the finger or thumb in a bent position, where it can sometimes lock in that position. Treatment usually consists of a cortisone injection or a minor procedure to release the tight sheath under a local anesthesia.

Experienced hand surgeons at Main Line Health offer non-surgical and minimally invasive therapies to help relieve trigger finger.

What to expect form trigger finger release

Treatment for trigger finger starts with nonsurgical options, such as a cortisone injection. If nonsurgical options are not effective, a minor procedure may be required to release the tight sheath under a local anesthesia.

Release is provided by dividing the tendon sheath. In traditional surgery, this required an open incision in the palm of the hand. Percutaneous technique allows the surgeon to accomplish the same surgical result without an incision, using a special needle.

Following treatment, your orthopaedic provider may recommend physical therapy to help you recover and regain strength in your hand.


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