Tennis and Golf Elbow Surgery

What is tennis and golf elbow surgery?

For repetitive motion injuries, such as from playing golf or tennis, or as a result of lifting or using certain tools repeatedly—collectively, a condition known as "tennis elbow"—surgery may be an option when nonsurgical treatments such as medication, rest, and physical therapy have not provided relief. Tennis elbow surgery is not for everyone and is only considered when other options have failed.

Tennis elbow occurs as a result of overuse as well as ordinary wear and tear, which causes inflammation of the tendons connecting the muscles of the forearm to the bones. The goal of surgery is to reduce pain caused by inflammation and also restore movement for everyday activities that require the hands, fingers and forearm.

Your surgeon may perform the surgery arthroscopically, through tiny incisions in the elbow and miniature instruments that allow the surgeon to "release" or cut the tendon, remove damaged parts, and also repair the tendon, whenever possible. This minimally invasive approach may be combined with traditional "open" surgery depending on the type of problem and your surgeon's preference and recommendation.

What to expect from tennis and golf elbow surgery

Complete recovery from tennis and golf elbow surgery may take up to six months or longer. As with any surgery, recovery time and results depend on the individual patient and commitment to a comprehensive physical therapy program.

At Main Line Health our trusted team of orthopaedic surgeons and physical therapists have years of proven expertise helping to improve conditions such as tennis elbow.


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