Cervical Disc Replacement

What is cervical disc replacement?

The part of the spine located in the neck is called the cervical spine. The cervical spine consists of seven interconnecting pieces of bone called vertebrae. Discs provide cushion between each vertebrae and act as shock absorbers, allowing easy movement of the neck. Wear and tear from aging can damage these discs or cause them to shift, leading to pain and disability. Cervical disc replacement surgery is a procedure where the damaged disc is removed and replaced with an artificial disc. The goal of cervical disc replacement surgery is to relieve neck pain and restore normal range of motion of the neck.

Artificial cervical disc replacement may be used to help relieve:

  • Pain, weakness, or numbness of the arm
  • Decreased coordination due to compression of the spinal cord

To perform cervical disc replacement, your surgeon will make a small incision in the front or side of your neck to access the cervical spine. The damaged disc along with any loose disc fragments or bone spurs are removed and an artificial disc is sized and placed in its place.

Follow up appointments with your physician will guide you in your recovery. Recovery time will vary based on your body's healing and the type of work/activity that you plan to resume. Discuss questions about your recovery with your provider.



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