Jumper’s Knee is an overuse injury and a common cause of pain from irritation and inflammation of the patellar tendon, the band of fibrous tissue that connects the kneecap or patella to the shin bone. It often affects athletes whose sports involve jumping, such as basketball and volleyball, that put repetitive stress on the patellar tendon.

Other activities such as running, skiing and cycling can cause jumper’s knee as the quadriceps muscle on the front of your thigh tighten.

Other causes include:

  • problems with the alignment of the hips, knees, legs and feet
  • wide hips, knock knees and flat feet can predispose you to patellar tendinitis when the body mechanics put more stress on the patellar tendon

Surgery may be needed if the injury has not responded to other treatments as the pain may indicate a complete tear requiring repair, or removal of damaged tissue.

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