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Welcome to Women's Health Source (WHS), a trusted and comprehensive resource tailored specifically for women who prioritize their well-being and that of their loved ones. WHS is a free health and wellness publication produced by Main Line Health and crafted with the intention of empowering women to take charge of their health journey. Through insightful articles and features, we aim to equip our readers with the knowledge they need to enhance and sustain a healthy lifestyle for themselves and their families.

Within the pages of Women's Health Source, you will discover a wealth of information covering a wide spectrum of health care topics. From articles spotlighting new service offerings to highlighting primary and specialty providers and recent advancements in various medical and surgical fields, WHS strives to be your go-to guide for holistic well-being.

Our content for each issue encompasses important care areas such as:

  • Cancer Care
  • Orthopaedics care
  • Heart and Vascular care
  • Maternity care
  • Behavioral health
  • Physical rehabilitation
  • Primary care
  • Clinical trials ...and much more!

Whether you seek advice on preventive measures, treatment options, or simply wish to stay informed about the latest developments in women's health, WHS is your reliable companion on the journey to optimal health and wellness.

Download any of the issues to read patient stories, learn about the services offered at Main Line Health and discover community events happening in your neighborhood.

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Past issues of Women's Health Source

Spring 2024

Inside this issue:

  • Customized care for breast cancer patients
  • Recovering after spine surgery
  • Summertime safety guide
  • Two tales of lifesaving care

Women's Health Source Magazine Spring 2024 Cover

Winter 2024

Inside this issue:

  • Lung cancer screenings
  • New heart valve treatments
  • 5 reasons why physical rehab is key
  • Unexpected medical issues? Know where to go for care

Women's Health Source KOP Magazine Winter 2024 Cover

Fall 2023

Inside this issue:

  • How to idenitfy the worst migraine triggers
  • Screenings for women at high risk for breast cancer
  • Your guide to common fall illnesses

Women's Health Source KOP Magazine Fall 2023 Cover

Spring 2023

Inside this issue:

  • The dangers of driving impaired
  • The truth behind blood pressure and cholesterol numbers
  • Choosing the right OB/GYN for a lifetime of care

Women's Health Source magazine cover

Winter 2023

Inside this issue:

  • How Mitraclip is changing heart care
  • What Lankenau's national Ob/Gyn ranking means for you
  • Aging doesn't have to be painful with physical therapy

Women's Health Source KOP Magazine Winter 2023 Cover

Fall 2022

Inside this issue:

  • Bariatric surgery: Myths and misconceptions
  • You don't have to live with pelvic floor disorders
  • High-tech, high-touch stroke care speeds vital treatment

Women's Health Source magazine cover

Spring 2022

Inside this issue:

  • Prevent and improve back pain
  • Expanding world-class stroke and heart care
  • Reap the benefits of staying active at any age

Women's Health Source magazine cover

Winter 2022

Inside this issue:

  • The importance of building connections
  • Take your cardiac symptoms seriously
  • Get the care you need at every age

Women's Health Source magazine cover