Restoring health and transforming lives for over 20 years

The Jefferson Transplant Institute—a shared initiative of Thomas Jefferson University Hospitals and Main Line Health—is a new model of care for patients requiring solid organ transplantation. The merging of our expertise and resources in transplantation care comes as Main line Health celebrates an important milestone—the 20th anniversary of the first kidney transplant procedure at Lankenau Medical Center.

What does this partnership mean for patients at Lankenau?

For those with advanced kidney disease, little will change. These patients will receive the same excellent, comprehensive kidney transplantation care at Lankenau that patients have received for the past 20 years. What's new is that our Kidney Transplant Program is now aligned with Jefferson's Kidney Transplant Program, with standardized clinical protocols, a shared team of Jefferson-based surgeons, and the opportunity for research collaboration.

A major aim of the Jefferson Transplant Institute is to provide patients with end-stage liver or heart disease seamless access to Jefferson's multidisciplinary transplant teams while bringing pre- and post-transplant care closer to home at specialized transplant centers. The first of these—a center for the care of patients with advanced liver disease—is now open at Lankenau Medical Center, under the leadership of transplant hepatologist Scott Fink, MD.

The Jefferson Transplant Institute is dedicated to optimizing care for patients in need of liver or heart transplantation providing:

  • Convenience
    Patients with end-stage organ disease need significant care and support. The closer to home and more consolidated these services are, the easier it is on the patient. Main Line Health hospitals offer the convenience of a local center where a patient's complex pre- and post-transplant care needs can be met by an experienced clinical team familiar to the patient.
  • Efficiency
    Because clinical services are highly centralized, local centers can offer efficient pre-transplant evaluation, for the possibility of faster placement on the organ waiting list.
  • Streamlined coordination with surgical teams
    Jefferson's multidisciplinary transplant teams work in close collaboration with Main Line Health's clinical teams to help patients prepare successfully for surgery and to monitor them through recovery.
  • Referring physician involvement
    Referring physicians are encouraged to work together with the Institute's clinical and surgical teams to ensure smooth and effective transitions of care.

For heart failure patients

Also, through the Lankenau Heart Institute, heart failure patients have access to a broad range of diagnostic, medical, preventive and surgical treatment options. Lankenau Medical Center has a Destination Therapy Program to offer comprehensive care for advanced heart failure patients. In instances where heart transplantation is the preferred method of treatment, the team is able to accommodate these patients through their partnership with Thomas Jefferson University Hospital.

Among the region's best

U.S. News & World Report has rated Lankenau Medical Center as High Performing for kidney failure for 2022-2023.

To refer a patient for kidney or liver transplantation consultation at Lankenau Medical Center, please call 484.476.8485 (kidney) or 610.896.7360 (liver).