Occupational Health Services

No two companies are exactly alike. We work with your company to create programs specifically designed to meet your unique corporate needs. Our goal is to support your business endeavors by providing personalized, high-quality and cost-effective occupational health programs.  
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About occupational health services at Main Line Health 

From physical examinations to drug testing and work-related injury care, our occupational health team offers the variety of services your company needs to keep your employees healthy.  

We help develop customized, compliant programs to meet an array of corporate needs and bottom-line objectives. We also provide a broad spectrum of diagnostic testing and create personalized programs to meet your specific medical surveillance and health screening requirements, so you can feel assured that your staff will be safe and comfortable in your workplace. 

Find the care you need 

Main Line Health occupational medicine can get you precisely the attention and care you need. We’re determined to guide, support and find the right solutions for you.  

Diagnostic services 

  • Audiograms (Hearing Conservation) Including Threshold Shift
  • Electrocardiograms (EKG)
  • Laboratory Blood Testing for Occupational Exposures
  • Pulmonary Function Testing
  • Respirator Fit Testing (N-95 and N-100)
  • Tuberculosis Skin (PPD) and QuantiFERON testing

Physical examinations 

  • Pre-Employment Physical Exams
  • DOT Commercial Driver Physical Exams 
  • Fire Fighter Physical Exams (NFPA 1582)
  • Police Officer Physical Exams
  • Respirator Clearance Physical Exams
  • Certification Exams
  • Return to Work/Fit for Duty Exams
  • Hazard-Based Medical Surveillance Examinations for OSHA
  • Executive Physical Exams

On-site services 

  • Annual Influenza (Flu) Vaccination
  • Hepatitis B, Varicella, MMR vaccination
  • Tuberculosis Skin Tests (PPDs) and QuantiFERON testing
  • Vision Screenings
  • Workplace Education Sessions (Bloodborne Pathogens, Ergonomics)
  • Health Fair Services (Blood Pressure, BMI Calculations, Cholesterol Testing)

Workers' compensation and drug screenings

We know that employee safety is your top priority, which is why we provide options for worker’s comp support, including: 

  • Evidence-based evaluation and management of a broad spectrum of work-related injuries and illnesses by experienced occupational medicine providers. 
  • Urgent care with same-day appointments for your injured workers. 
  • On-site radiology (X-ray) services for one-stop evaluation of injuries. 
  • Coordination of physical therapy and other appointments with your specified panel of providers to streamline care and support prompt return to work. 
  • Independent medical exams performed by occupational medicine physicians. 

We also understand that employers may need to screen employees from time to time. To support your efforts to keep the workplace safe and healthy, we offer the following employer services: 

  • Pre-employment, post-accident, random and for-cause drug and/or alcohol testing. 
  • Complete MRO services for complete start-to-finish drug testing programs. 
  • Rapid result drug testing for immediate results. 
  • Creation of customized drug testing panels. 
  • DOT compliance programs. 
  • Administration of random drug and alcohol testing programs, including the selection of random samples as determined by your program needs, DOT or FAA regulations. 

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