How long does the program last?

The length of time depends on your BMI, weight loss goals and which diet you are following. Most participants go through the Screening Phase within two to four weeks. On average, participants spend about 22 to 24 weeks in the Reducing Phase (actively losing weight) and 8 to 16 weeks in the Adapting Phase. During the Maintenance Phase, you have access to continued support and individualized meal plans as needed to help prevent weight regain and live a healthier lifestyle long term.

How quickly will I lose weight?

It depends on which New Direction diet you are following, as well as factors such as your starting weight, age and sex. On average, participants on the Very Low Calorie Diet (VLCD) lose three to five pounds a week, and those on the Low Calorie Diet (LCD) lose between one and three pounds a week. (Each group tends to lose more during the very first week, due to water loss.)

What happens in the weekly classes?

Program leaders discuss a wide range of topics that can impact your weight loss efforts—from sleep patterns to meal choices and even stress management. You’ll also get to taste-test the food products, check in with a nutrition specialist and pick up your food replacement products for the week ahead.

Are the classes required?

Yes. During the Reducing Phase of your program, the weekly classes are required.

When and where are the classes?

The classes are offered at four different times every Thursday so you can select one that fits your schedule. They are all held at Paoli Hospital.

Am I allowed to exercise?

During the first couple of weeks, your registered dietitian may recommend that you limit physical activity while your body adjusts to the lower calorie intake. After that, you will be encouraged to gradually increase your exercise level and make it a regular part of your healthier lifestyle. In fact, the New Direction program provides exercise classes and access to an exercise physiologist.

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