Program entry

Individual Nutrition Assessment with registered dietitian insurance
Completed history and physical exam insurance
Laboratory tests insurance
EKG insurance
Patient is responsible for any or all of the amount not covered by insurance plan

Reducing phase

Nutritional product:
  VLCD – 3-4 servings/day $72.00-$96.00/week**
  LCD – 2-3 servings/day $48.00-$69.00/week
Weekly classes $20.00
Monthly physician visits insurance
Monthly laboratory tests insurance
EKG mandatory for every 50 pounds lost since last EKG insurance

Adapting phase

Weekly classes $20.00
Nutritional product cost decreases as grocery food is introduced back into diet

Sustaining/maintenance phase

Group class sessions $10.00/week
Participants may purchase up to 2 boxes of beverage per week
Individual nutrition consultations with registered dietitian may be reimbursable as Medical Nutrition Therapy (MNT) in the sustaining phase

**Men participating in VLCD need 5 servings of nutritional product for the first 2 weeks ($120.00 for the first 2 weeks)