First responder addiction treatment

Police and law enforcement officials, correction and parole officers, firefighters, emergency medical technicians (EMTs) and combat veterans all have one thing in common—they put the welfare of others above their own safety. And while helping and saving others may be second nature, it may be difficult to ask for help when they need it themselves.

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On the job, first responders may experience physiological and emotional distress, becoming disconnected from their own feelings and looking for ways to self-medicate, which sometimes leads to drug and alcohol addiction. Some first responders may be reluctant to seek drug and alcohol treatment out of concern for job security or the social stigma of addiction. Which is all the more reason specialized interventions are needed to help emergency responders get sober and maintain sobriety while facing the stresses of the job.

That’s why we created the Valor with Integrity Program for Emergency Responders (VIPER), first responder addiction treatment, mental health treatment and support. Located at Mirmont Treatment Center in the western suburbs of Philadelphia, VIPER provides a safe, supportive environment for drug and alcohol recovery while addressing issues specific to first responders, such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), crime scene trauma, work-related distress and family and marital problems.

Personalized drug and alcohol treatment, PTSD rehab and group support

VIPER works with first responders to develop an individualized plan for healthier, more effective ways to cope with issues that cause psychological stress. Program participants also have the opportunity to learn from the experience of other first responders in a group therapy environment. Our goal is to help emergency responders return to being healthy, productive members of their teams.

In addition to group therapy, VIPER offers:

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