First responder treatment program for substance abuse and trauma

The Valor with Integrity Program for Emergency Responders (VIPER) is a nationally recognized first responder treatment program for substance abuse and trauma, located in Media, Pennsylvania, just outside of Philadelphia. Specially geared to the needs of first responders, including local, state and federal law enforcement, firefighters, EMTs, corrections officers and Armed Forces veterans, VIPER provides a safe, supportive vehicle for recovery that addresses issues such as:

  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  • Crime scene trauma
  • Family conflict
  • Work-related stress

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VIPER is facilitated by a multidisciplinary team with a broad range of experiences both on the job and in the helping profession. Participants are engaged in a group process apart from other Mirmont patients to work on issues specific to first responders.

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A clinically integrative approach to first responder treatment

VIPER distinguishes itself though a clinically integrative approach to first responder treatment in which participants benefit from individual and group therapy as well as holistic practices, such as yoga and meditation for PTSD. Our core treatment modalities include:

At Mirmont Treatment Center we have been providing first responder treatment for more than a decade. We have found that creating an environment where first responders are engaged in their clinical work, alongside the rest of the Mirmont patient community, affords all participants the opportunity to learn from each other, gaining deeper insight into each individual’s path to recovery.

Providing specialized first responder treatment for substance abuse and trauma

First responders are typically competent, self-reliant, team-oriented individuals whose job is to protect, serve and help others, often at risk to their own safety. They deal with serious situations in the line of duty—violence, trauma, tragedy and often death—so when they seek treatment, they need a specialized set of interventions to help them not only get sober, but learn how to stay sober while facing the day-to-day stresses of their jobs. And that’s what the VIPER program at Mirmont is all about.

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