An integrated approach to behavioral health treatment for young people

At Mirmont Outpatient Center in Broomall and Exton, we offer teacher and special education instruction provided by highly trained therapists and psychiatrists who are committed to the well-being of every young person we treat. As part of our holistic approach, we develop and implement a personalized course of treatment that includes the involvement of family, school system, and community resources.

Keeping up with academic responsibilities while in treatment

When an adolescent or young adult has behavioral health challenges, it can be particularly difficult to keep up with the usual demands of school and social life.

Our teacher and special education instruction program helps young people meet these responsibilities in a collaborative, stress-free environment that allows them to safely work through mental health or substance use disorders.

Highlights of our program include:

  • Academic support and tutoring
  • All-day, on-site curriculum
  • Age-appropriate academic and social lessons
  • Mindfulness techniques to manage stress and improve self-esteem
  • Busing to and from school

To refer a patient, get more information or schedule a site visit, please call 1.888.CARE.898 (1.888.227.3898).