Commonly asked questions

We’ve compiled a list of the most asked questions patients have regarding joint replacement surgery. Please reach out to your care team if you have any further questions that are not answered below.

  • What if I am positive for Staph/MRSA?

  • Am I considered an inpatient or outpatient?

  • When may family/visitors see me after surgery?

  • May I take my own medications?

  • Hpw long will I be in the hospital?

  • Where will I be going after surgery?

  • How soon after surgery may I eat?

  • When may I shower?

  • What are nticoagulants?

  • How often will I receive physical and occupational therapy in the hospital?

  • Where do I get the equipment I need?

  • Will I be able to use stairs at home?

  • What if I have an issue while I am in the hospital?

  • Who will I see in the hospital after my surgery?