Nonsurgical Gender-Affirming Care

Nonsurgical care of transgender and gender-expansive individuals

Caring for the whole person—mind, body, and spirit—is a hallmark of gender care at Main Line Health. Our program is focused on all aspects of health and well-being for transgender and gender-expansive individuals. We offer a full spectrum of medical and support services. So, whatever your path, our experienced gender care team can provide compassionate care that addresses your needs.

A core component of our gender care team is the group of more than 30 nonsurgical specialists who work closely with you, each other, and our surgical specialists to coordinate your individualized care plan. Together, nonsurgical specialists provide the following services:

Nonsurgical gender-affirming medical and specialty care

  • Adult primary care—Our primary care providers ensure that transgender and gender-expansive adults receive appropriate health screenings, preventive care, management of new or existing health problems, and referrals for specialized medical, surgical, or mental health services.
  • Gender-affirming hormone therapy—Our primary providers also are knowledgeable and experienced in the safe and appropriate initiation and ongoing management of feminizing and masculinizing hormone therapy.
  • Fertility care and family planning—Our fertility specialists can help guide decisions about gender-affirming treatment in individuals who hope or plan to have children. We recommend consulting a fertility provider prior to starting hormone therapy to learn how masculinizing or feminizing hormones may affect fertility options.
  • HIV care and prevention—Our gender care team provides confidential, specialized care for individuals living with or at increased risk for HIV infection. Services include HIV screening and prevention as well as treatment of HIV infection.
  • Voice therapy/vocal training—Our team includes several speech-language pathologists who can assist transgender and gender-expansive individuals in changing their voice and speech patterns to be more consistent with their gender identity.
  • Laser hair removal—Our team includes several providers who are skilled in permanent removal of body or facial hair.

Gender-affirming mental health and support services

  • Behavioral health care and counseling—Our behavioral health specialists help gender-expansive adults explore their gender identity in a nonjudgmental way. They also provide a range of services, including individual/family counseling, psychiatric evaluations, presurgical evaluations and assessments for letters of readiness, and education.
  • Social work and support services—Our caring and knowledgeable social workers assist with many steps in the gender-affirmation journey, including helping patients access gender care services and navigating the health system. Our social workers can also help with legal and insurance questions and can connect patients with community resources and social support networks.

To learn more about Main Line Health Gender Care Program or to schedule an appointment with a gender care specialist, please call 484.337.5329 for a consultation.