Updating Your Web Profile

With more than 2.6 million unique visitors each year, Main Line Health's website is one of the region's leading resources for those seeking information about health care providers and services. Our Find a Doctor feature is a searchable, online listing of Main Line Health physicians with active or associate status consisting of a professional head shot, biographical and contact information. It is the most visited area of our website.

Employed providers: Log in to Wellspring, go to "Resources" then "Provider Directory (Yext)."

Independent providers: Log in to your profile

To request access, update a locked field (name, address, office phone number, etc.) or submit your professional headshot, please submit a support ticket.

Frequently asked questions

What is a provider directory?

Provider directory consolidates all Main Line Health provider and location data into a single point of access. The information within the provider directory is accessible internally for call center agents or externally to help support patients as they search and make decisions about their care on the Main Line Health website, Google and other search engines. Consumers can search for providers, facilities and specialties, and book appointments all in one place.

What is Yext?

Yext is the tool Main Line Health is using to power its provider directory. Providers will be able to log into Yext to review and edit their provider directory data. Yext will also power our provider search on Main Line Health's website and send provider data to third-party sites such as Google business listings.

What type of data is collected in the provider directory?

All of the information that populates on your Main Line Health provider profile is collected and can be edited within Yext. Information is pulled from many different sources, including our credentialing system, marketing data sources and manual entry from providers.

Why are you asking for my mobile phone number?

Your mobile phone number will be used to power the Main Line Health Physician mobile app only. Mobile phone number will not be shared online for consumers.

What if some of the data in my profile needs to be updated?

The beauty of the Yext platform is that you can now update that information yourself. Simply log in and submit the changes in Yext. The requested changes will route through the appropriate approval channels before they are syndicated across Main Line Health's website and search engine listings. You may also request some enhancements to your profiles including:

  • Additional degrees – i.e. FACP, FACS
  • Philosophy of care statement (1st person)
  • Brief bio (3rd person)
  • Specialties/Conditions/Treatments
  • Education/Training (Education List field in Yext) –Include:

Medical School, Residencies, Fellowships

Name of school Completion Year – of degree/training

For fellowships/residencies, include what specialty that training was in – General Surgery, Internal Medicine, etc.

  • Awards/Memberships
  • Languages – (English is default) If you are fluent in other languages, list in this field
  • Main Line Health Hospital Clinical Titles
  • Academic Titles/Professorships – Include full name of school

Download our guide for updating your bio/philosophy

What if I need to update a location or headshot on my profile?

Yext creates a unique profile for each location where a provider practices, so you may see multiple listings associated with your name. Don't worry, that's normal. Need to have a listing added or removed due to transitioning locations? Please submit a support ticket.