Effective January 1, 2021, CMS regulation requires all hospitals to make public their standard charges for items and services provided to patients in two parts: 1) 300 shoppable services; 2) Machine-readable format.

For the machine-readable file, the links below will provide our standard charges for all items and services, including gross charge, payer-specific negotiated charges, minimum payer negotiated charge, maximum payer negotiated charge, and the self-pay price.

Things to know:

  • The price listed in the published machine-readable file comes from the Charge Description Master (CDM) which is considered the Provider's "Standard Charge."
  • The CDM is displayed at each single unique instance of facility, charge description, department, revenue code, Procedure Code, and price.
  • In some instances, the standard charge price may be $0. This can occur when:
    • The price is variable and potentially based on a cost mark-up. This is common in CDM codes for pharmacy and material/supply items.
    • A payer negotiated charge for a service/procedure is "Not Separately Reimbursed."
    • A service/procedure was not specified in a given contract.
  • Pharmacy and supply charges:
    • It is common billing practice for a single pharmacy CDM charge item to be used to bill for multiple NDCs (National Drug Codes) containing variable cost and pricing. Due to the existence of the one-to-many relationship between NDCs and CDM charge codes, a standard charge cannot be established and tied to single lines in the machine-readable file.
    • Supplies, materials and devices that are priced as $0 in the CDM are assumed to have variable prices due to a one-to-many relationship assigned outside of the CDM charge code. A standard charge, therefore, cannot be established in the machine-readable file.

List of items and services by location:

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