If you or a loved one is scheduled for a procedure or treatment at one of our acute care hospitals—Lankenau Medical Center, Bryn Mawr Hospital, Paoli Hospital and Riddle Hospital—we have prepared this patient guide to better acquaint you with our facilities, our health care procedures, and patient and guest services. We encourage you to read it and to become familiar with your patient rights and responsibilities.

If you are looking for our premier rehabilitation hospital guide, please visit Bryn Mawr Rehab Hospital's patient and visitors section.

During your stay

We have policies and procedures in place to help you and your family work with our doctors, nurses and staff to get the most from your hospital stay. Please take a few minutes to review these guidelines with your loved ones.

Learn more about policies and amenities during your stay

Condition H

Main Line Health is dedicated to making our hospitals the safest place for patients to receive care. As a result, we’ve created a “Condition H” line for patients, family or visitors to call for immediate medical help.

Learn more about condition H

People who care for you

During your stay, you will meet many members of our health care team. Each of these individuals is a dedicated professional whose primary concern is your good health.

Learn about the people who care for you

For visitors

Here you can find information for visitors on various topics, including spiritual care, ATMs, dining options, visiting hours and parking.

Learn more about preparing for your loved ones stay

Health and safety

Main Line Health is committed to your safety in every aspect, from knowing who your care team is to your ID bracelet to the Zone of Silence for medication safety.

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Preparing for discharge

After you have been cleared by your doctor, he or she will authorize a hospital discharge. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you are completely well—it only means that you no longer need hospital services.

Learn more about how we help prepare you for discharge


We are committed to honoring your rights, and want you to know that by taking an active role in your health care, you can help your hospital caregivers meet your needs as a patient or family member.

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Downloadable and printable hospital patient guides

You can also download and view our patient guides by hospital as PDF files.