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Movement is medicine. Everything from weight loss, to depression, to body composition changes, to performance enhancement is improved by moving. The key is in finding the movement(s) that will enable you to optimize your quality of life. I believe in personalized exercise and movement programming derived from testing results, and my goal is to prepare your body for whatever life throws your way.

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Bruce Kelly, MS, CSCS, CFSC

I started training athletes in the mid-80's and over the years my coaching/practice evolved to working with a broad spectrum of people from District 1 athletes to everyday folks. Lately, I have been working with a lot of seniors as that is what I see on a regular basis. It also doesn't hurt that I am a senior myself and have been where they are and know first hand what they may be going through and the challenges they could be facing. I believe that what we as coaches/trainers do changes people's lives on a daily basis as we help them move better, feel better, look better and perform better. Sometimes a combination of those things is impacted. I believe there are very few professions that can truly make the same claim. Another exciting facet of this field is that it is constantly evolving and researching and implementing some of these concepts is both part of the challenge as well as part of the excitement. Despite my age I see myself doing some form of this likely until I die.
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